Main User Interface

Port Mapper is a very handy and easy to use tool, even if it can appear overwhelming at first.


The main user interface looks like this:


To add a new rule, just tap the + button on the top right corner. For more info, you can check the dedicated knowledge base article here.


Rule Row

The main interface shows your existing rules. Let's go through a rule together, column by column:


A checkbox that is checked if a rule is enabled, unchecked if not.

A disabled rule means that the app is not trying to forward the port for you.


A traffic light indicator of the rule. There are four possible states:

  • Gray: The rule is inactive.
  • Red: The app wasn't able to correctly apply the rule.
  • Yellow: The app is trying to apply the rule.
  • Green: The app was able to correctly apply the rule.


The name of the rule. This is just a friendly name for your records and does not affect functionality.

Internal Port

The port of the service, as running on your computer.

External Port

The port as you want to appear exposed to the internet.


The protocol associated with the service. This is defined by you when creating/editing a rule.

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